Computer Safety Tips For Protecting Your Personal Information

You've heard about it on TV or read about it in magazines - people having their identities stolen online. This can lead to thousands of dollars in debt or worse. There is good news, however. Most online stores now have very secure sites, and there are more and more ways of protecting your personal information both online and offline.First, install programs to protect your computer from hackers and viruses. These include a good firewall, a virus scanner, and an adware/spyware scanner. Windows Read more [...]

Computer Maintenance Tips – Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

Computer maintenance is key to keeping your computer running smoothly. There are many problems that can arise with any computer system, but knowing what to do can keep those problems to a minimum and doing them before there is a problem can help you avoid problems that will cost you a lot of money. Simple things like virus scans and optimizing your web browser can help, as well as maintaining non-essential programs can help increase the life span of your computer as well as optimize your computers Read more [...]

Hacker-Proofing 101: Computer Security Tips

The term 'Hacker' has been rampant around the internet recently. Actually, it has been the dirty word of the internet since the 80's and the classic hacker movies of the early 90's. It's not a word you want to throw around loosely; it scares people and causes panic because the path of destruction can be crippling.Whether your 15 year old opened a scam email and infected your family computer, or a virus has taken down your entire system at the office - most people have witnessed the effects of Read more [...]